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    Custom error codes, everybody loves them
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    The time I learnt about custom error codes, I was thinking what a cool way to send messages through my company's web app to weird guys like me!
    Even posted a job ad in there (API response codes) as well as in the js console (Web app)... Though I never received any reply... *sigh*...
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    Then a technical question cause were already on topic..

    What du you guys think about not sending any specific error message on the body but sending it as tbe reason phrase + matching status code...

    I have to write the client in c# abd when you Have to deserialize 2 different models dependend on the status code it gets a mess (at least when you try to capsule this stuff an an api project(

    What do you guys think ?
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    Stipped using custom error messages,
    Error data in now in json body..
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