Waiting for the call I scheduled with Apple Support regarding my faulty power adapter. What is your experience with Apple Support? Any pointers you wanna give?

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    If it is same as their "Genius bar" , the experience is very bad.

    I once goes into Apple Genius bar to fix my laptop and the experiences is bad. It is literally degrading of the word "Genius".

    They said I need to have an appointment with for my mac book , so yeah no problem there. On my appointment time , we discuss about my laptop problem and after the discussion is over and I ask a question about their apple watch?

    You know what they said? I got to book another appointment for it. Wtf!! I am literally in front of you and you want me to book an appointment and come back next day.
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    yeah good luck with that one...

    even when paying the annual 100$ for a developers licence, their support is "here you might find the answer to the problem with our product on this 3rd party forum you have to pay for, bye"

    apple really doesnt care, only about how much they can milk out of your wallet
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