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    One more time, apple showing a pump up copy can sell better than the original.
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    @Letmecode Ik, my whole point is that somebody had it, and it didnt work, making it a gimmick, even if you try to do it differently...
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    Aren't these just capacitive buttons? No actual display that can display dynamic content on it?
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    Touchbar + deep Software integration could be a game changer. However, it is not as revolutionary to justify the "Hello again" hype.
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    I use this exact laptop - X1 Carbon.

    Let me tell you, I HATE the touch buttons. Apple is out of their mind to implement it. It's horrible to use, the last thing you want is another place to move your eyes to when you're coding.

    I'll give you an example - visual studio start debugging is F5. Can you try to muscle memory press a touch screen button?

    I sure hell ain't be bothered to learn that. Made an autohotkey script instead to map right ctrl-5 to F5 instead.
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    My 10 year old Hp laptop has it as well....
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    My old Hp dv4 from 2005 has it as well
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    @rtony It's an e-ink display
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    @giorgos-kriaras that's bullshit, quick pause and navigation on YouTube works perfectly with space bar and arrow keys.
    You're just trying to lie to yourself that you didn't waste money. But you did bro, you did. You got caught by the marketing campaign trying to convince you that this feature is useful, and you actually think it is now! So effective, but I'm not talking about Apple's tech!
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    @giorgos-kriaras good guy!
    Still, for any non new user that knows what a keyboard is the keyboard shortcut are closer and easier to access, and the key has a border which makes a miss less likely, so it seems more convenient to me. It's a matter of preference, but I get your point friend you got the right attitude!
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    @giorgos-kriaras apple doesnt make things better, they litteraly take something, patent it and then proceeds to overhype it, the touch bar is only a gimmick...
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    @madrix999 I agree that apple hypes stuff up too much and a vast majority of their current products are gimmicks. But to say they don't improve anything? You're drinking the opposite of cool aid man. 😂

    -iPod was the first well thought out portable music player. A joy to use.
    -iPhone was the first smartphone that didn't suck. Today it's mediocre compared to the competition, but the competition at the time was the trash blackberry was selling. Remember those first Android phones? LMFAO
    -I have yet to find a laptop, other than a macbook, with a trackpad that isn't absolute garbage. And when i say "isn't garbage", i mean you'd be comfortable using it all the time.

    With that said i tried out the touch bar in the Apple Store today and feel it's underwhelming. Feels...useless?
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    @hiestaa Well, the timeline scrubber is actually an improvement over jumping forward with arrow keys. So, yes Apple does make things better, but also tends to overhype and overprice them.
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    @gnaaah Im sorry, but what percentage of users use video editing software? And what percentage is it in the whole spectrum of os's? It may be usefull for one thing, it doesnt make it less a gimmick, makes it even more when its only useful for only a small percentage of applications on an os that is barely used compared to other os's.
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    @madrix999 I was talking about any media playback where you have a timeline.
    Video and Audio playing websites, as well as apps like Spotify.
    On the one hand this makes it a bit more easy to seek through a slider control. On the other hand it directly cannibalizes usefulness of the force touch trackpad which was introduced with precise scrubbing as a feature...
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    @mzgaljic I dunno man. To me it seems like a gimmick more than anything else.

    For the record, I'm a musician in my free time, and I use a number of music production software. I can see a use case where I use it to get an overview of the track, but I think I'd be in the minority as well.

    On paper the concept is relatively sound, and I'm sure there's quite a number of useful applications for it. But back to my first point - it's... Situational at best.

    Now, if they actually introduced actual touch capabilities to the main screen, then, yes. That's something "innovative", although its more playing catch up to windows laptops...
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    @kileak Yup, i agree with you 👍🏼

    (see my last paragraph) ;)
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    Interesting news!

    You can now play Doom on the touch bar!

    Uhhh... Yay...?
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