It’s so draining to talk to people when you’re depressed.

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    Then again, it's also draining when you're not depressed.
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    Draining people of their blood will revitalize your energy. It cured my depression. Now I can sleep peacefully at a reasonable time, it's like warm milk before bedtime.
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    @rutee07 The major drawback is you can't bear sunlight anymore, neither garlic. Crucifixes were already bad before, so no change.
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    Put your mind in auto pilot mode if you are forced to talk to people.

    I recommend you talk to people only if you really want to talk to them.

    This is my personal opinion but I like people who say "f*** off" if they don't want to talk and give full attention when we are talking.
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    When I'm depressed I go into auto mode. I sort of stop realising what I'm actually saying or listening to.
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    It’s because you’re always unprepared and ashamed talking to people because of your ruined state.
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    @scout I think it's the wrong people you're talking to. Personally I only have this feeling with people who keep asking how you're doinf, where you're working etc.
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    Have you watched the stars lately? :)
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    @scout What did work for me to "cure" depression (ngl it was a fucking slow process) was to often be around people who didn't care that much about idle conversation.

    I would go to the coffeeshop a lot (not Starbucks, the Dutch weed type of shop), not even to smoke but just to hang on the couch, drink fruit juice and play chess. Or just play LAN games with "friends" or watch cartoons.

    I needed to have people around me so I could slowly lift myself out of that excruciating void, but not the type of people who would push me back in with their bright happy Instagram smiles and annoying social chatter.

    Eventually it got easier to tolerate social interaction, and I started signing up for super random courses like yoga for seniors in the park, how to lay bathroom tile, cake baking, horse riding. You get to practice your rusty social muscles again, but the physical activity still offers a non-awkward safe haven when your brain can only handle murmuring in the background.
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    @bittersweet thank u so much....I realise spending time this way really helps. I’ll do more of it.
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    @Fast-Nop yes but the nightlife is fantastic.
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    I would listen to a podcast that talks about one of the things I am currently thinking about.

    I end up finding myself a lot less stressed and much more comfortable.

    If you like to drive, you could even listen to a podcast while driving.

    PS: "I'm busy with work" is an excuse that always works for me to avoid taking to people.
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