I have this thing where I really want to code something, but I don't know where to start. So I end up alt-tabbing through vs code, r/nosleep, facebook, and r/mechanicalkeyboards and then cursing my 'lack of time' as the reason I can not make any cool stuff.

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    I feel you. People say that the starting point of anything is paper and pen, but I never applied this practice (in fact I have nothing on my gitlab)
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    Make smaller goals that lead up to the final program . Define and build a mvp or build a prototype or something small scale to test / learn the stuff you want to do with the framework / language. If you have just one grand goal thats hard to reach or poorly defined you wont be happy whatever you choose to make or loose interest quickly. This is actually a good advice in anything you want to pick up even outside programming.
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    close all those tabs for this evening. It helps ;)

    EDIT: also raise your goals for the evening. Make them something actually doable considering your skills and the time you have. Start off with something small and easy and celebrate their achievement with some soc networks.

    Soon enough you'll notice FB and others are just distractions that used to get in your way - you'll be so hooked on your project that you will no longer feel the urge to open FB et al :) Nor will you have any time left to spare to them..
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