I'm 2 fucks away from sharing this on my work group

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    It's "for fuck's sake" for what it's worth
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    For the sake of the fuck!
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    @uyouthe but why
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    Then the next question is, would you respond to the email with:

    "That was in-fucking-deed abso-fucking-lutely the worst corporate barbe-fucking-que I've ever attended"

    ... or is there such a thing as saturating a human's tolerance for expletive infixation? Should corpo-fucking-rate also be infixed?

    Also, how do you even apply expletive infixation on a word like "attended"? Is it "atten-fucking-ded" or "at-fucking-tended"?

    They don't teach you these important grammar rules in school.
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    Sake for fucks :
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    @guitargirl15 Tom Scott is one of the few immortal beacons of light, in the dark wastelands of the internet.

    The thought that he will most likely still be making delightful informative YouTube videos in 2050, when 90% of the internet traffic is propaganda spam from Chinese, Russian and American AI bots with the other 10% being AI-generated porn to appease the masses, fills me with hope.
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    It's for the sake of the fuck
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    It's not *the* fuck, it's fuck, just like you wouldn't substitute "John's book" with "the book of the John" or something
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