Now that I've finally got around to studying React in a bit more detail and tried to actually use it, I can give my 2 cents on the Vue vs. React vs. Angular clusterfuck:

I understand that projects started before Vue 2 was around are done with React. That's it.

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    I use Vue at work, so my opinion may be biased. But I've done some side projects with AngularJS, A8 and A9 as well as now with React. While I see why I should choose Angular over Vue in some cases, the only 2 things speaking for React are the community (and the more popular Vue gets, the shallower the margin) and available jobs if I were on the market.
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    I find Vue rather friendly for open source projects. It's that case when I can care less about market and not to hesitate transferring source code, because of near-to-zero learning threshold present.
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    I worked in Angular, React and Vue but I like React more than Angular/Vue. I just think, React is more friendly to the new comers. Like: in Vue, there are some stuffs like v-if, v-for, v-blah-blah etc, and so many things you will need to learn just to have a grasp of it, but in React, you just start with your HTML/JS knowledge. That for me(Someone who is so lazy), is a big reason to love React.
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    @Xoka funny you should say that. I always counted the easiest learning curve and ease of getting started as Vue's advantage, not React's.
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    @100110111 Since the documentation of Vuejs is AMAZING, many people might find it easier to start learning Vuejs even though they will have to learn so many new things, compared to ReactJS
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