Tell me, the US isn't completely fucked up country and I will show you out...
I will just leave this here

Still wondering tho, what the fuck is wrong with the word "dummy"...
The only thing that is wrong about these words is the people telling that they are wrong.

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    People in woke society do NOT represent the USA. The demonstration on the 4th of July 2020 in California is evidence of this. CA being one of the most woke areas of the world.
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    Hot sports opinion:
    Cnet isn't a reliable need source.

    Inferno sports opinion:
    Block all of ziff davis publications from view immediately
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    Yeah, the "woke" political left is getting increasingly sensitive and crazy and violent. It's getting to a point where talking to them at all invariably leads to accusations of nazism and racism and other bigotry. And with the strength and velocity of this trend, I worry that communication might soon not be possible anymore.
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    After all this garbage recently, I will not ever revert my mindset to liking the USA ever fucking again.
    I know I can't put all the people there under one blanket but most of what you hear in the news makes it hard not to.
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    @Ranchu Not surprising. The mainstream media is on a PR campaign to make the USA look bad. Every single thing is looked at in the most nonsensical light you can imagine. For instance: lady is shown driving through pedestrians. The media says she is right wing white supremacist using cars to try and kill people. The media, on purpose, doesn't show the part leading up to that. Where her car is surrounded by "peaceful" people. They are hitting her car, they reach in and pull her hair and attack her. Then they pull a gun. She realizes they are going to hurt or kill her. So she guns it to get out of there. Someone gets run over in the process.
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    @Demolishun You forgot to mention the part where she called the police and begged for help, but they said they were unable to send anyone.

    As I read, it was because she was in a police no-go zone, but I haven't verified that. (It could also be that the mayor told them to stand down. Again, didn't verify.) It's hard to find trustworthy sources.

    But yet there are so many mainstream media articles saying that police only make things worse, that defunding the police is a good and moral thing, and that every town/city that has defunded them are now safer and better for it.

    The media is pushing the extreme left's view, and it contradicts reality. It's a smear campaign designed to make the USA look bad, and by extension, make Trump look bad. It's also designed to incite anger because angry people are irrational and open to suggestion so it's much easier to change their minds on who to vote for. That's it right there. That's the goal: to get Americans to vote a Democrat into presidency. the very people who are pushing so hard for all of this chaos and violence and anarchy.

    You really think this is over some police brutality and fake outrage over master/slave/whitelist/blacklist?

    Don't believe anything you see or read about on the news. It's 100% bullshit designed to mislead us and make us angry, with the end goal of changing our vote to Democrat.
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    Was this the lady in Indianapolis or the lady in Detroit ? I haven't heard that spin on either story, wondering about sources.
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    @Demolishun "They are hitting her car, they reach in and pull her hair and attack her." Cowards, I bet if you face them individually, they can't harass anybody.

    Reading that made me angry in the morning. I wish someone would stand up and give them the brutality they accuse everyone of to get their way. Someone who would legitimately run them over with a battle tank. They all sound like spoiled brats who never grew out of it. I fucking hate people who harass others and then play the victim. They deserve all the hell they asked for.
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    First past the post voting systems create a two-party system, where both sides strive to appear less bad than the other,.
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