I'm using Fedora 25/ pre-release, and It's rock solid except for wifi hotspot and I don't need it.

Now my school gave me a Windows 10 pro key, and I'm hesitant.
Should I install it ?
Will I need it ?

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    If I were you I wouldn't, maybe as a dual boot but thats it. Especially if you have a smooth experience with your current os, there is no real need to switch :)
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    I'm seriously thinking of running Windows in VMware or gnome boxes.
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    On my laptop I have a small Windows partition in case I quickly need to run something Windows-exclusive but usually just boot into Linux.

    I'd say that's not a bad idea if there's enough free space, if you don't need it you just don't use it.
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    I used to dual boot, I stopped and went linux, It always felt dirty idk @deadlyRants
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    Thanks I'll go for it, give it a try@Lilithium
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