java --version
FATAL: Unknown parameter

java -v
FATAL: Unknown parameter

*googles get java version*

java -version
openjdk version "1.8.0_252"


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    another reason to not consider java in any of my projects ever 🥳
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    Sucks, but there really is no argument standard.
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    @SortOfTested Oh don't be so cynical, there are (practically) two major standards, but it looks like Java is actively trying to avoid both...
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    To be fair, it predated one of those. And was trapped under one dude for years
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    @SortOfTested It's java. I don't want to be fair.
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    Well that's my job, the back and forth dynamic of fair and balanced. Wednesdays on TnT.
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    [root@shithole site]# ruby -v
    ruby 2.5.5p157 (2019-03-15 revision 67260) [x86_64-linux]
    [root@shithole site]# ruby --version
    ruby 2.5.5p157 (2019-03-15 revision 67260) [x86_64-linux]
    [root@shithole site]# ruby -version
    ruby 2.5.5p157 (2019-03-15 revision 67260) [x86_64-linux]
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    switch to a good language
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    @PonySlaystation Unless you're not building next Twitter, you don't need to use Java. The beauty with Java is that scaling Java is fast and easy than any other langs.
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    @mundo03 Java itself is better than any langs out there but it only work with large scale apps.
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    @unclesam I'm not sure any of those points are true...
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    @AlmondSauce They are true. You can ask PayPal engineer if you're not sure.

    If you doing for hobby, the points are false. It's a enterprise lang.
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    What makes you think I'm not a PayPal engineer? 😉

    "Scaling Java is fast and easy than other langs" -
    Java, Python, Node.js, OCaml, etc. - containerise it and off you go, spin up as many containers as you need. Not sure how Java is better in this regard.

    "Java itself is better than any langs out there" - I'm mostly a Java dev these days, but arguing it's outright better than something like Kotlin? Bit of a stretch.

    "but it only work with large scale apps" - err... I've written many a desktop & small scale app with Java.
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    @AlmondSauce Python. Are you sure bud?

    Dropbox spent millions to scale it. It simply doesn't work. GIL...

    Why containers tho?

    JVM is awesome
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    @AlmondSauce I said you that you can find beauty of Java with large scale apps and I don't mean by that you can't build small scale apps with Java.
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    I think this phenomenon is strongly related to the USB stick insertion paradox.
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    CLI apps that don't declare parameters like:

    -v --version
    -a --all
    -i --input

    So that you can simply call

    command -vai

    Are developed by sadists. This is a standard, although I don't know the name.
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    @eeee it works this way in many cli's but by no way a standard. For instance "find" and unfortunately any cli written with go default flag library don't do it that way. In Windows a lot of tools use a leading slash.
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    1) There is no such thing as a "best language". It depends what your requirements are.
    2) JVM Performance is pretty weak compared to other managed language, for example dotnet.
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    I've been there
    I'm still there
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    Agreed, but don't feed the troll.
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    @SortOfTested Sure but he seemed pretty serious about it lol
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    @SortOfTested Look, I'm not trolling anyone. The hate of Java is biased. I talk the real facts.

    Better to have a look at , https://redmonk.com/jgovernor/2016/...
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    @unclesam Nah Scratch is the best language. That is definitely a fact.

    I'm definitely right because I have 2 very factual links to back me up:


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    Haha! Been there! But after a few years of linux usage you start to think of help much more!
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    Exactly my experience last week, big fuck you to java, big high5 to you.
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