Overheard a conversation...

Dev: We should focus on getting it working in production, then we can copy it over to dev so we have a working version.

Me: da fuq?

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    Guilty, but I needed data, 3rd party integrations and user access that was only failing in prod to be able diagnose and fix the issue.

    Then I pushed it all to Dev.

    There are times, when doing it "right" costs a business more $$$$$$$ (think End Of Month with Accounting) then it does to do it wrong and patch the system ASAP.

    Yes, that many $ signs are there for a reason ☺️
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    @C0D4 Fuck money. In some situations yes you can be greedy but sometimes it can cause a shit ton of angry and/or dead people. It is wise to folow the protocol to prevent such things.
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    I hear that a lot when it comes to database.
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    @Gregozor2121 Let me go through the cases:

    Prod Fix going right: less angry or dead people.
    Prod Fix going wrong: lots of angry and dead people.
    Dev Fix going right: some angry or dead people.
    Dev Fix going wrong: some more angry or dead people.

    It is wise to go the Dev Env way to minimize harm, but going Prod could minimize harm even more if you do it right. Just like gambling and markets like gambling company shares.
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