Who else uses template strings by default?

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    I just use it when I want to write HTML or variables inside.
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    I’ve thought about it. If backticks had a dedicated keyboard like, like single quotes, I’d probably do it
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    I don't, just because some transpiler or browser compiler may add extra instructions that aren't needed. That won't happen with syntax that conveys the intent deliberately.
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    Tempting but that little tick is in no man's land on my keyboard compared to quotes.
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    Is that.
    Object oriented JavaScript?!
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    I mean, it was always object oriented, just prototypically so.
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    Am I the only one that thinks that's cursed? 😂 Seriously though, don't some languages make escaping certain caracters harder (by forcing you to "double escape" or just outright terminate the literal and concatenate a "regular" string) when using backticks?

    EDIT: Also no IE support for JS template literals. Not that I care, just something worth mentioning
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    @TjasPRG If someone uses IE and complains, I will ask them to change the browser 🙂
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    @aj7397 Fair enough
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