I have uploaded lots of books on a GitHub repository to help fellow programmers and comrades get access to resources. I downloaded them from Z-library and Imperial Library of Trantor (some kind of anarchist sites on the deep web). Am I going to get a DMCA takedown request?

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    Thanks for the resources tho. I'm Downloading them.
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    Rip your account. That's blatant abuse of their services.
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    After meticulously examining out those books, I noticed that you can buy most of the books online. And if my prognostications are right. You can expect the "FBI OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR UP!!" within 24 hours. My most immeasurable recommendation would be to set the repository on private, to not get in any trouble.
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    If it's a public repo, and you don't have the license to distribute the books, then yea it's going down!

    But before it does... #git clone
    So I can add it to my repo of books πŸ˜…
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    That's very much breaks copyright, so yeah....
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