Microsoft owns github
Microsoft owns windows
Microsoft owns powershell

Why then, why exactly, is it so fucking hard to get ssh private keys for github, up and running on windows powershell.

I tried to change permissions on files but then it broke the git-bash implementation 😭.

Fuck it !! 😭😭

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    -> Powershell doesn't like the permission on config file
    -> WSL bash doesn't like permissions on the private key
    -> Git-bash understands that most stuff sucks on windows and just works. Thank you git-bash devs πŸ™Œ.
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    Everything about the windows development story is the hottest of hot garbage. Supposedly you were getting your own native ssh service, but then they didn't seem to want to integrate it with anything.

    MS finally realized that and is scrambling to make up ground bc of their cloud investment, so now you're left with mixed paradigm experience. Which I guess is better than a broken paradigm, assuming it eventually works 🀷‍♀️
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    Since you can't get user information when the user ssh into another server, they made this thing this much tough
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    Your question is its own answer. It's hard, because Microsoft owns them.
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    well it's kinda easy to setup ssh keys on PowerShell

    ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4094

    create a config in ~/.ssh/ with the following content:

    Host github.com

    User git

    Hostname github.com

    PreferredAuthentications publickey

    IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa # or the name of your key

    Also in your PowerShell profile add


    Let me know if this works
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    @justdoitnow all this done. Can't get the permissions on config file straight.
    It shows a bad owner or permissions error.

    I'm the owner and i have read write execute permissions on the config. I also tried changing it (permissions) to full but still throws the same error.

    No other users or groups are added in permissions. Tried all SO, SU, git docs but nothing πŸ₯΄
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    @mentions you have permissions issues on your files? I have never had that kind of issue, does running as administrator do anything, you probably have tried this.

    Uhm is it you work ps? Maybe they have some sort of group policy that is conflicting?
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    @justdoitnow i have tried as admin. This isn't a work PC.

    I never understood windows permissions. I have tried several different combinations but when i check the permissions from a bash shell or powershell, they are either applied to all UGO, or to neither user , group and others. It's either all or none. I can't get the permissions to be set for only user.

    I've googled but couldn't find it. Although i was stressed because of my exams, so, I'll do that again today now that exams are over 🀞.

    I think windows groups inherit permissions from the user that the user is a part of 🀣. That would be so weird.
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    What’s Windows?
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