It’s live, github is now social network that have profile pages.


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    @LotsOfCaffeine yes its official now
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    Oh god think of all the LinkedIn type people that will swarm the site
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    I just don't underfuckingstand what's with the fucking emoticons all over the place. Its like I can't read 3 shits of a sentence without having at least a finger or a fruit or some shit. Wtf? emoticons in code comments? If any of my guys did that they'd get violated back to kindergarden so they can get it out of their system.
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    @LotsOfCaffeine good timing though
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    You CAN have a readme
    It's still all the same, you just have an extended bio

    Drama queens, really
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    But this, this is stupid
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    @frogstair agreeing. Having profile README is far better than giving people another reason to create shit repository for their CV, biography, introductory and outdated contact data (you know, something besides twitter and email).
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    @vintprox and so if they have it? It's their profile page, and it's not forbidden
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    Ooof, man I worry how hard it will be to find actual code.

    On the other hand.....not sure I just browse GitHub anymore anyway...
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    @frogstair it’s first step that will bring people who will demand more social features
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    @N00bPancakes the ability to find code would probably not change
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    Okay I know we're all complaining and memeing a bit - but overall it's not really bad.

    I mean we can put pictures on our profile now.

    Really stupid pictures too!
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    i personally like it
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    Why not though. It's optional to read and it's optional to write as well.
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    Actually this is pretty neat. I think developers, particularly "seasoned" ones, have a tendency to desire castrating anything that isn't strictly required.

    This isn't something GitHub needs, but I would argue that it isn't a poor addition either.

    I would totally disagree if they had the ability to host blogs in a Facebook style. That's totally dumb and way extends the scope of the service. But a readme? That could actually be very useful. Imagine being able to briefly introduce your projects so users can find what they want. Not to mention the ability to put your resume on there (maybe withiut some personal details).

    To profile READMEs? I say yay!
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    @frogstair the worlds going to hell in a hand basket with a neatly tied bow.
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    Emoji's are terrible, but the readme on profile page isn't that bad of an idea really
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    I imagine Steve Ballmer is cumming in his pants right about now.
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