After seven years of search, I’m dropping all my efforts to find a suitable concise ideology for myself to live by.

So what made me try to design it in the first place?

Simplified reasoning based on pre-calculated opinions? Your response is irrational instincts at first, irrational emotions at second and sometimes rational, but flawed and biased mind after.

Peace of mind? Constant search through such ephemeral matter is a huge stress itself.

Concise reasoning apparatus? World is changing and so are you, and I doubt that any concise system that isn’t based on absolute truth can withstand the test of time.

The interest itself to find such ideology? People try different kinds of reasoning from the beginning of human history and nobody was able to come up with universal solution.

A human being is a bunch of contradictions.

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    Sounds like midlife crisis?
    Luckely we all know thanks to your $400 apple watch bracelet you are already trying hedonism now.
    So join all of those swinger clubs devour hyperconsumerism. Get that Tesla Car and the Sugar Baby.
    Best of luck! 🙂
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    Ку́шайте, пе́йте на здоро́вье?

    Because tomorrow, we die!
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    No matter what code or philosophy you live by, there is only one sure thing , DEATH.
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    Mama, we're all full of lies.
    Mama, we're meant for the flies.
    And right now they're building a coffin your size.
    Mama, we're all full of lies.

    We're damned after all.
    Through fortune and fame we fall.
    And if you can stay then I'll show you the way.
    To return from the ashes you call.

    We all carry on.
    When our brothers in arms are gone.
    So raise your glass high for tomorrow we die.
    And return from the ashes you call.
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    i find absurdism to be about right.
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    I've found out that, at least for myself, the most pragmatic approach to any problem is also the best from a moral standpoint 99% of the time. But It must *really* be the most pragmatic - carefully considerated and thinked through, like a well-crafted military plan; not just the first thing that seems reasonable.
    With that, of course, you lose speed of reaction, and you may also be seen as rightwing from leftwing people and viceversa. Basically it means throwing morals out of the window entirely, and I realize this scares people off. But I think it's worth it.
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    Fuck categoric imperative, no human knows the world well enough to even tell what's a creature and what isn't, finding a law to live by for the rest of your life is unrealistic.
    How about we sit back and watch, maybe expand the set of observable or bring the knowledge to the masses, since lack of knowledge is the main issue with the Kantian approach.?
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