apparently youtube AI is flagging chess related videos.

because they use terms such as black/white extensively.

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    This reminds me of Will Farrel saying "black" over and over again on The Anchorman 2
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    Very unsurprising
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    Source: Dude, trust me.
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    @metamourge I found the source.
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    Chess reeks of colonialism ideology because White has always the first move. It's also sexist because the king is more important than the queen. And it glorifies class-based feudalism because pawns can "promote" into other pieces, as if being a pawn were not totally fine.

    Chess needs to be abolished and replaced with Go where Black makes the first move and all stones are equal. That will appease the commie SJWs, though they're too stupid to play either of these games anyway.
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    @Bybit260 that's meta)
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    @Fast-Nop Heh, they want to abolish all references to master/slave because of slavery. However, they want to install a government that treats humans as part of the means of production. Which in a communist ideology is OWNED by the state. Thus making every person a SLAVE to the government. Makes total sense. Because slavery is only good when Communism does it.
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    @Fast-Nop it burns us!!! Please, no more!

    I know you're being satirical, but I also know people exist that think like this.
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    Source: https://youtube.com/watch/...

    Well, we arent sure what part, could have taken the video down. But either

    "There's talk of racism, and the YouTube algorithm could have heard 'black goes to B6 instead of C6, white will always be better"


    "That he were talking about whats going on in America shortly"

    Its kinda sad, that youtube are forced to remove "hateful" content before its getting out or shortly after, due to they would get backlash from the medias and fines. But at least the video were restored.
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    @Fast-Nop Not long ago, it were accepted to remove people with opinions that were considered unworthy like people that were spreading conspiracy theories (conspiracy theories sucks and are for dumb people). But if we start to remove opinions and speeches we dont like or agree with, isnt it the same in the end, what dictatorships do, only allowing opinions and speeches that are 100% accepted.

    Even how you look at it, it does result to the same thing in the end, limitation of our freedom of speech.
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    Looking forward to renaming these
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    @Frederick There are people who called out that the left would go full marxist. They were called conspiracy nuts. Now they are full marxist. People who promote conspiracies often have a very faint shred of truth in them. Guess what, all those alien conspiracies about UFOs and people labeled as nuts? Now the US military is admitting there is aircraft in our air space that we don't know who it is. Not only that, those aircraft can BREAK our military encryption! We shouldn't be worrying about each other, but who is flying those crafts!
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    Let's just play shogi instead. That way we can drink while playing.
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    I am perfectly fine with letting people speak their mind. I need data to assemble my purge list.
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