Never bought drugs online, but still I feel this needs to be here...

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    he facilitated and maintained a black market and profited directly from the sale of drugs/whatever else on it.

    The sentence he got is insane but thats due to the fact that in the US they go absolutely apeshit over drugs and tax evasion in general.(seriously, jail time for having a joint?...)

    He certainly wasn't innocent, he didnt get this because he just made "a website", but yes, life in jail for it is kinda stupid
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    Silk road became a hot spot for coded human trafficking, weapons trading and child pornography. He was aware and did nothing to curtail it because it made him money.

    He can fucking rot.
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    @SortOfTested whoa.. I’m sorry I didn’t know about the trafficking part...
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    I am by no means a supporter of the cyber gestapo, but in this case they opted for the fastest method they could use to take him down. In this case he pleaded down to drug possession from numerous racketeering charges, murder for hire and his acting as a go between for drug cartels who also engage in the aforementioned murder for hire, as well as human trafficking and extortion.

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    @SortOfTested So does craigslist.
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    You might want to let the FBI know.
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    Silk road had a lot going on including murder for hire...
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    @srpatil That is why you learn about something before reposting social media stuff.
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    I've read that he had drugs at home and was also trading.. But didn't fact check it nor this image...
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