So I have negligible experience doing mobile app development (simplish hello world Java app few years ago).

What's your advice to start getting into it? Flutter? Kotlin? I honestly dont have a clue. I want to target Android at first but very like this needs to support iOS as well.

I'm quite the experienced dev so I dont need some something to hold my hand, yet I dont have the time currently to fight a steep learning curve.

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    Flutter is quick to pick up.
    Plus a few days in I had a completed app.

    Key to it is, have a idea in mind and build it.
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    @C0D4 Thanks! Have a very solid idea. Nothing crazy. Camera app, some REST API usage, simple UI.
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    I would say Xamarin, but it's mostly my Love of c# talking.

    There are some advantages tho over others "multi plateform" build systems
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