Today we're going over a list of mouth breathers that I strongly dislike.

- people that don't turn their turn signal on until they've basically come to a complete stop.
- people who can't follow the pattern in grocery stores. THERE ARE FUCKING STICKERS ON THE FLOOR. FOLLOW THE FUCKING PATTERN.
- people that post on a forum and then never respond to the replies on their posts

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    What about the New York Jets?
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    People who send you a private message instead of replying to your post on forums.
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    @SortOfTested They exist and nothing more lol

    The Buffalo Panthers are another story.
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    why follow the floor stickers?

    ikeas idea was abused back then and other stores using it now will abuse it too. they'll ise an emergency to waste your time in order to cause you to ineffocoently walk around *more* and soend more time and money on billshit in their store.

    fuck that noise.

    if you want to fight me ill be overhere pulling a u turn and driving down the wrong way of a highway because its QUICKER.

    only plebs let inanimate signs tell them what to do!
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    @Wisecrack this reply was written on a tiny phone keyboard. I promise I wasn't drunk.
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    @Wisecrack well the stickers follow a logical up and down pattern starting at the back of the store.

    I don't trust people that start at the front and work their way to the back of the store.
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    My husband's favorite shopping algorithms are A* search and drunken walk. You two would definitely come to blows.
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    Recruiters that send you a personalised message for a job opportunity and ghost you immediately when you follow up asking about salary.
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