What do you think of LinkedIn's quizzes? I passed the JavaScript one but failed JSON... JSON!! Are you fucking serious! How is that even possible!!!

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    Cannot encourage you for failing something so obvious, but I wouldn't give much credit to LinkedIn for making JSON test. LOL, I mean what for? It's an opinionated choice: one could simply take YAML or XML, but not touch a single symbol in JSON.
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    dunno, I did some of the tests just for fun. I think I failed javascript or something before. Doesn't really matter and I don't know anyone who actually looks at them as something of a value.

    Endorsements are much more useful
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    That's why I'm kinda scared to pass it. Even on my hiatus of at least 8 months, I won the JS test, so I should feel confident, right?
    So why do I even wonder what kind of questions I could be asked on JSON, and why do I fear it? o_o
    (no, the two same practice questions over and over again don't help)

    As per answering your initial query, for having tried those to fill up my new profile over there, I must say they're very well done when it comes to the modalities. Some questions are interesting subjects of further exploration. The one thing I just dislike about those is where is my score? If I'm wrong, tell me where I'm wrong and how I can improve a bit for the next 3 months where I can't pass the test? Pretty please?
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    @Hazarth endorsements or the personalized recommendations? Recommendations I can see having some value, but the last time I checked my endorsements, people I don't know in real life at all were endorsing me either for stuff that has nothing to do with my career/development, or bullshit like Microsoft Office.

    I like the idea of the assessments, but I've only taken the Python one, so I can't speak for the others.
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    LinkedIn quizzes are just a corporatized version of the high school computer exam where you're supposed to rote memorize concepts and methods even though that's not how the actual stuff is done.
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    They are really, really bad, I passed the Objective-C one without ever touching a line of that shit but couldn't for the life of me pass the HTML one...
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    @MagicSow I know! The HTML one is a complete mess, basically all questions where about video and audio players!
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    Unless you want a bit of fun, there's really no point. No-one will look more favourably on you for them, so they're certainly not worth investing any time into.
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    ...how can you possibly fail a JSON test?
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    If you clicked on a LinkedIn quiz, you already failed. In life.
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