I'm thinking about buying a small nas device to store backup and media files. WD my cloud and synology ds120 caught my attention regarding price and functionality. Does anyone have experience with them? Any recommendations?

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    My only experience is from a previous smaller project where we actually used a guy's Synology for our repos and other project assets.

    It seemed to work ok. The file storage feature had a dropbox-esque client which I used in ubuntu. I didn't dig around in the other features.
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    Don't know much about WD solution, but from how much I've dealt with Synology - they all sport the same GUI "Cloud Station" is what it's called if I'm not mistaking. Looks the same across different models and only differs with the features each model supports. I like such approach.
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    Synologys are great, but a tad expensive considering what you get. Their DSM (DiskStation Manager) does look better than that of the others, though.

    You could also pick your own hardware but that'll take some more time at first.
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    Got a PR4100, extremely happy
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    wd mycloud for the last five years. no auto backup options on pc configured, android app is slow and unreliable.

    but as a remote drive with 4tb raid 1 (8tb physical) network connection and access of media files works really well. can not compare, but also not really complain.
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    @erroronline1 I have a Gdrive mount with rclone now so really only use it for the hardware which isn't a bad bang for for the buck, especially with plex, emby, xteve installed lol
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    Quite like the synology. Got the ds916 and Ds215 and work well. Has a really nice user interface.
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    Synology demands a premium price, but the product is really solid. I have one, it's great.
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