What should my next book be? I’ve narrowed down to these—

A Commentary on Unix by John Lions
Clean Code by Robert C Main
Code Complete by Steve McConnell
SICP by Gerald Jay Sussman

Feel free to suggest any other book as well

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    Drop clean code. It's not valuable, and full of opinion. Adherents of that book are generally unbearable to work with.

    Add the introduction to algorithms book
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    Agree with @SortOfTested, greater than 50% of Clean Code is opinion, reminiscing, and inflated ego. There are a few good nuggets in there that really makes you think. But it was not what I was hoping for.

    The Clean Coder (by same author) is similar. Very opinionated and feels like he is really putting people down that dont meet his version of a "professional". I am struggling to finish reading it. Again there are some good bits and pieces in there.
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    SICP, any day.
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    @SortOfTested preach sister!!! Iess gonna write that aswell.
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    @SortOfTested I’m in college and one of my professors starts class by talking about a principal from that book and it doesn’t seem that bad
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    Turns out, broken clocks are right twice a day. It's easy to cherry pick high points from middling work, that doesn't absolve the opinion and superstition presented as fact.
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    @SortOfTested ah ok, I’ve seen people on Twitter talk badly about that book but never understand why, thanks
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