I was really interested in politics, like always knowing what a politician is doing or saying, watching live streaming of the European Parliament and things like that. But know I'm tired of politics, I'm from Italy and our politicians are shit, like for real. The only one that can beat them is Trump, anyway the real problem is that thanks to them now we have only two sides, you are with me or you are against me, no space for discussions, everyone belives to be right and that the others are wrong. Idk, I'm just sick to live in a country where everything is a mess, that's it.

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    At first, I thought "Is this the place for politics?"

    And then it occurred to me that if the world was run by developers, it would totally open-source, with the general aim of it making it more user friendly for everybody.

    The problem is that the people who are attracted to positions of power are those who are hungry for power itself, and have no interest in the general good.

    Douglas Adams hit the nail on the head when he had Zaphod Beeblebrox running around drawing all the attention pretending to be president, when in actual fact, behind the scenes the galaxy was being run by someone else. And the only qualification for that job was that you *didn't* want to do it.
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    Italian politics is hella difficult to follow.

    The US is at least mercifully simple in that we vote for douchebag or turd sandwich and it's all zero sum.
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    If only there was a country where we could all live that was run properly by people who cared about what they were doing.

    Oh wait, there is.

    Its called New Zealand.
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    That's the current state of affairs in most countries
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    During the 2016 election season, I got "into it" around February. I lasted untill about 2 weeks after the election before I was like "fuck this shit" and started blocking everything out.

    It's hella interesting, that's for sure. But I cared too much and it always left me angry after tryna talk to people who disagreed because in today's day and age, people are fucking retarded and both sides suck balls in multiple areas.
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    Same. I used to follow politics but it made me too angry and worn out. I deleted all the news apps off my phone and avoid it at all costs. In the end, at my level, nothing i can do except be the peon i am and accept it.
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    @Stuxnet you should get into politics, with 65K likes here I don't see how you wouldn't be elected. Besides if all smart people get weary of politics it's no wonder "people" like Trump and putin rule.
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