Holy shit the documentation I'm doing on this project is amazing

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    It's such a glorious feeling to come across solid documentation after having dealt with anything less prior.

    On my last project I was tasked with hooking up against a third party api where the data model changed on a monthly basis, and the "reference" was from 2016, where many of the details were placeholder or even flat out wrong even at that time.

    On my current project I have to do something similar, but this api is so well documented and has a swagger.json so complete that we could use it to generate our models and could import it directly as a workspace in insomnia - we haven't had to tweak or touch it ever since.

    You just want to send them flowers or give them a hug. marinespecies.org > tools, for those curious.
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    Are you using markdown, yaml or other language to struct your documentation ?
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    @elgringo markdown and in-code documentation
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