Without getting into politics as much as I can, is there any black sw developer who is genuinely hurt by usage of blacklist/whitelist, master/slave terminology? Or is this sudden sensitivity a bullshit from white liberal silicon valley types who live in the most white populated, rich areas who have no lower class black/hispanic friends but still get offended on behalf of them?

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    I'd too would like to hear some feedback.

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    I feel like it's the same shit as with the Washington Redskins.

    (The vast majority of) Actual Native Americans dont fucking care, but the "wOkE" retards are offended for them. I saw one Native American say "ya know it's a tiny bit insensitive, but I don't care. I'm just glad it preserved some of our ancestors and history."

    2020 fucking sucks.
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    I have a friend that also is tired of all this rename nonsense he is black, he knows is just PR for the companies to try to prove how cool they are
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    I swear, there is no place left without all this political correctness vomit. I used to like that really much about being in tech, but it seems like its all the fancy tech companies etc forcus at these days.

    If your biggest problems these days are some "words without context", then you are really spoiled and entitled.

    But what about including? Well, if the only reason you find yourself excluded, is due to some stupid words, then you are the problem, not everyone else.

    Just to be clear, i dont really care about changing terms and words etc at all, if its having a logical reason behind it, but changing just to make some unsecure people safe is bullshit, i dont care about your stupid emotions.
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    A couple of my coworkers are black and they're mostly just annoyed. One of them even went off on a long rant about the etymology of "master" and how its usage in git has nothing to do with slavery because it actually refers to something being the "original source" of data. He studied linguistics in college before switching to CompSci so things like that really piss him off.

    I think when "master" is paired with "slave" to refer to something, those should perhaps be renamed. Not just because of the connotation of slavery, but because the terms themselves are often misleading or inaccurate. It could mean primary/failover if the "slave" takes over when the "master" fails, but it could also be more like master/replica where the "master" is the source of data and the "slaves" are synced to it (such as with database replication).

    I think using the word "master" alone, without having it be in relation to "slaves", isn't a problem. The word has many different meanings.
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    @EmberQuill have you ever heard is SPI? Or i2C protocol and hardware communication?

    The Master/Slave in these context has nothing todo with primary and failsafe..

    All todo with literally one IC telling the other IC what todo. Master / Slave works perfectly. The master IC controls the clock line .. the slave only IC is only allowed to speak when spoken to.

    SPI requires a chip selection line(or multiple)... MISO, MOSI and clock for connections between the chips.

    Everyone bitching and suggesting bullshit terminology changes because they are offended need to go somewhere else. Our industry doesn’t need people who are offended... people who every day are looking for opportunities to be offended are useless to the greater good, which seems odd considering their believe they are helping the greater good by being offended for the greater good. Fuck off moron. Has nothing todo with privilege, race nothing.

    People CHOOSE to be offended... I do not twist someone’s are and demand them to be upset... therefore they have made their own choice to be upset and offended.. thus fuck off not our problem. Hate these PC bullshit faggot fucks..

    And if you offended by that statement fuck off go be productive or get screwed
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    @QuanticoCEO idk, I agree it shouldn't change. But, if it had to, off the top of my head we could switch to things like master/executor, but I'm sure there are better.
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    @EmberQuill even though we are mostly in the same page you answered a question I did not ask. Do you know any black developer hurt by master/slave terminology, that is my question. Not “do you think it should be removed, as a non-black developer?”
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    @aviophile Yeah, I did start out saying I have a couple black devs I work with who both think the whole controversy is stupid. Didn't mean to go off on my own rant too. Sorry about that.
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    @EmberQuill nothing to worry mate. There are another threads about whether we should or not. Tried to make this different from those posts :)
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