I created a short tutorial about git merge and rebase. Hope that you will find it interesting! Any feedback is very welcome :) https://dev.to/lmtx1/...

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    1. Publish to your own blog or a better site. We're not friendly with dev.to here

    2. Should discuss fast forward and it's impact when merging descendants vs siblings

    3. Should cover the impact of merge commits on bisect and revert

    4. Should show the downside of double/n-ple branch merged in terms of timeline noise

    5. Should explain merge commits, their function and when they're appropriate

    6. Should also communicate squashing as an advantage of rebasing

    7. Put a disclaimer in about what hard reset does and why it should be used deliberately
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    Thank you for your feedback, I plan to write more articles about git to cover multiple topics (I will add your points to my todo list). My personal blog is also on that todo list ;)
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    Git merge and rebase may or may not be a good way to start. Good, because there's a gazillion other tutorials on that exact topic, so you can compare yourself to them. Not good, because there's a gazillion already and you're not even a blip in all the noise.

    I'd be more interested in your personal experiences, challenges, how you solved stuff etc. That's just me personally. You do you.
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