Why is the nano text editor soo ugly??

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    Because it's probably older than you and was made to work almost anywhere (like Vim and many other programs).

    No everything can use 600MB RAM to display one line of text.
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    Well, don't use it. Easy fix.
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    To get to the other side.
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    Vim is okay, nano is just... ugly
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    Try using vim over PuTTY's default options lmao
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    It was made to be a libre version of the University of Washington's pico, and successfully looks almost exactly like it. It's intended to be intuitive. But I agree it's not attractive.
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    micro is so much better
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    I love nano.
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    @kescherRant Yessssss, micro is awesome
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    Love nano, so I can’t relate to this post at all
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    apt -y remove nano

    yum -y remove nano

    dnf -y remove nano

    pacman -R nano
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    Don't talk shit about my best friend nano >:(
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