Not really a recruitment experience, but when I was a uni student, my IT teacher told me face to face that "C++ is not object oriented"

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    Isn't it an OOPS?
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    He does not like that OOP flavor and that's OK. But if he were to state that he likes Javas OOP, I would leave immediately.
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    Well it is and it isn't. It is technically multi-paradigm now. So you can do OOP, and almost anything else as well.
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    Maybe your Teacher said it is not a pure OOP language
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    Not pure OOP, no. But neither is Java, it has primitives (which fuck you in the ass because they aren't allowed in templates)

    But it has all four principles of OOP so it is an OOP language.
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    Oops is an concept right? We can even follow OOPS in C as well. But that is another thing that java, C++, etc provide support for OOPS out of the box.
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    I could actually use TASM and do a fair job of OO.
    I could also spend an afternoon alternating Shots of Rum, Jolt Cola, and Banana Pudding.
    Either way, I would feel like..... the next morning.
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