I was eyeing Samsung T7 ssd for a while now it pulls about 1000MB/s

But then i can across a M.2 nvme ssd + enclosure for about same price with double the performance

Some of Samsung’s 970 evo are pulling 3GB/s , but I think i will be limited by my CPU in that case

So much confusion for buying a freaking storage

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    I'm holding all my shekels until such time as a true thunderbolt nvme enclosure with good storage and integrated power ships.

    Most of them now have heat and power supply issues, or shit controllers.
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    3 GB, it's a pretty old norm of SATA. Your CPU will be fine.

    I have 2xOCZ- Agility4 (pretty old, got them 7 years ago) and they are still kicking pretty good !
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    @SortOfTested Why thunderbolt when you have PCIe ?

    Mac fan spoted xD
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    @NoToJavaScript as per my knowledge they are not different thunderbolt internally uses PCIe
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    My Lenovo X1 extreme gen 2 has two thunderbolt? As does my aorus X3, and the Asus zephyrus I ended up with. It's an Intel product.

    The discussion is external portable device enclosures. PCI-e is an IRQ bound interface that doesn't allow for hot connection and disconnection. TB is an abstraction over the x4 bus that handles data transmission as well as PnP device registration.
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    @SortOfTested Yes, it is an intel product. Which is… no where to be found on custom motherboards.
    (I never understood why, seems a very good tech on paper).
    Yes it uses PCIe, but with additional “chip”. Better just to plug into PCIe. Avoid middle man.

    Edit : My bad, I thought it was about INTERNAL drives

    For external, why do you even need more than 3Gbits ?

    My storage on home server is 3x1TVB WD, 7200RPM and it works pretty well. Only need SSD for system, games and apps.
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    If you don't understand portable storage, I can't help you. 🤷‍♀️
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    @SortOfTested Again, what do you want to do with it ?

    I have an external 1TB drive with E-sata. Last time used about 3 years ago :)

    If I need acess to home files : I have remote acess
    If I need to share something : I have onedrive
    If I have to give a downloaded 60GB 2160p HDR movie to a friens, I'll just give him a plex sewrver link
    If I need a media to restore system : Welp, USB key will do
    If I need a long time storage (buckup) and I don't trust onedrive, I'll burn a blue ray.

    I get, you might wor with videos as editing etc and you may need to move your work from one place to another, but besider it I fail to see any interest in external hard drive

    Oh yes : You have a mac and can't add internal stirage, or laptop.

    Edit I would go with USB3. It's pretty much compatible with everything, but you won't achive thunderbolt speeds
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    @NoToJavaScript “why do you need more”
    You always need more 😂 than you have it’s rule of thumb, right now i have external drive of 500MB/sec(5 times the speed of hdd )but it’s been 3 years and i am craving more

    I want to boot and run OS or VM on the external hdrive , without messing any things and as i have less ram may be i can use linux 5.1 swap feature with ultra fast external ssd
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    @hardfault Ah yeah I missed usage of VM :) But even there, depending on your hypervisor you may not need as much IO (At risk of loosing data if power goes off)
    (Sorry starting to be too lazy, If I need a VM I just create one in Azure).
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    @NoToJavaScript true, i also considered creating a instance in aws , but my requirements are using GUI based softwares it’s better if they run locally
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    @hardfault Depends on your budget 😊

    (You can Run nVidias on Azure, but way way WAY too expensive)

    But (if you use windows) I may even help
    You can’t imagine the work it took me to install DirectX correctly on Windows Server 2012 AND (The most important) Allow RDP to use GPU, I can literally stream games via remote desktop. FPS goes form 45 to 15 without any reason, but hey it’s a good way for MMos if you just need to check one thing).
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    @NoToJavaScript are you sure you're not mistaking 3 Gb for 3 GB
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    @SortOfTested technically there is nothing that prevents a PCI-e device to be hotswappable. Infact some even are. It's just a matter on how the kernel or driver deals with those cases. While you will probably not swapp a gpu live any time soon you will be bale to hotswap pci-e based drives. At least on Linux. Haven't tried that on windows or others.
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    Yeah, it's not common. Pre-reserving bus address registrations and memory allocations is dicey at best given a generic plug and play scenario. Even for just storage, the requirements vary wildly.
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