I have got so much of free time that this Quarantine has got me thinking What Should I Name my Class?

How Long do You take to name your class?

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    @halfflat "Simply_wrong_and_clearly_the_product_of_a_diseased_mind"
    Well... This is quite a long class name.
    The shorter, the better! 😇
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    Having to think about your classes name is proof that it is not Data and that you should take a step back and wonder if OOP is worth the effort in your case.

    Sorry, the C programmer in me got the better of me. Btw, in Go, I never had to ask myself that question, too.
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    @10Dev JS has had classes for a long time. And even longer without the syntactical sugar
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    @p100sch yeah I've never had much of an issue with class names. Maybe function names sometimes (the Boolean ones are the worst. Choosing is/can/should/etc to make it read like English can be hard) but classes usually are just modelled after the real world object they represent.
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    I found that, if the name for a class doesn't jump into my head right away, I'll end up redesigning that part at some point later
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    @LotsOfCaffeine Hahah... That's too much of work!
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    @AlgoRythm Correct. The easier and relatable, the better :)
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    @10Dev Haha.. That's quite easy but might confuse you when your program grow.
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