Remember the discussion of banning terms like "blacklist" or "blackhat" because some people started to associate the color black with racism for some reason? Well, today my company started to ban those terms.

The loud minority wins again.

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    A don't have a problem with "loud minority" "winning" again. If it's a real issue then the minority is right to be loud about it. Also them winning doesn't mean someone else is losing.

    The part I'm not okay with is that I feel like we're focusing on meaningless gestures that won't change anything instead of tackling the root issue.
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    what should the new word for blackheads
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    "Gross infections due to someone not taking care of their skin."
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    I feel like we are living in a absurd parallel universe, which is often used in scifi.
    And the people from the normal universe are watching the show and find it very amusing and frightening that we are banning words with black.
    Some of the audience may even find it too unrealistic because how could a society even evolve into this kind of madness?
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    I believe "that's might white of you" is already a thing.
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    @LesMore It's a nice day for a white wedding...
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    I will keep in mind the people that are throwing chaos into my workflow. I will from here on out do bare minimum for them. Messing with this has cost attached and I'm going to be the one that pays most. The high-level "ideas people" wil sit in the ivory tower deciding to shuffle standardized terms to various random things.

    You play stupid games... you win stupid prizes. This will set english speaking tech industry back. The nations which aren't making ideological decisions will have a huge advantage.
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    @Demolishun I love that song!
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    @scout comedos? 🤭
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