"A Google security researcher withdrew from the Black Hat security conference and asked the community to stop using the 'black hat' term."

What the heck? Are we just going to ban the colors white and black in every context? Its clearly not talking about race, its talking about morals... Which people like this "google security researcher" obviously know nothing about...

This is all so stupid... luckily the community disagrees with the stance but then again, afaik, we all also disagreed with removing master/slave and it still happened so make of that what you will...


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    IMHO people who blatantly associate black with racism are either racist themselves or only want to get attention (i.e. drama queens).

    Unfortunately though, most of the time, those people are the loud minority and will wreak havoc until they have forced their will/opinion onto others.

    I mean, by that logic of black vs white being racist, you'd also have to boycott chess.
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    Isn’t someone coming up with that statement make him/her a racist. I think normal people didn’t even come up with that conclusion when heard the “black hat” term.
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    @hafiz5626 Im convinced they do it for attention... Probably skimming a dictionary until they find something with the word "master" or "black" in it and then they boycott so people notice how virtuous and good they are... Its disgusting
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    A bit funny, as the term black and white hat comes from black and white western films, where a black or white hat was worn to indicate characters' alignment.

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    @pdinklaedch Wait until they learn that the person playing the whites will start the round :D

    @sbiewald We should all thank people back in the day for showing their true colours literally. It's a lot harder nowadays to know who's corrupt and who's not (except for those yelling bullshit, that is).
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    Utter rubbish.
    Twutter desperately tries to look like inclusive platform by substituting terms. And this ridiculous researcher didn't put time to learn culture of the western films and Blackhat before his laughable act.
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    While I welcome using more descriptive terms (like black list - > block list) we can't go around and just label anything "racist" (or the SJW's new favorite term "non-inclusive") just because certain letters follow each other.

    This guy isn't just advocating against the term "black hat" but also "man-in-the-middle" because "man" isn't neutral. Well so isn't "middle". Are we gonna replace that, too? And are we gonna find new words for woman, as it contains "man" too? What about hu-man, man-kind, man-datory, Man-hattan? To fight toxic masculinity and oppressive paternalistic culture? Can we please fight the toxic finger pointing thought crime culture instead?

    Jesus, fuck that security researcher. Yes, please stay away from conferences and people, your ideas don't need to spread any further.

    *sigh* rant over.
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    @metamourge no assumptions, he really wants the community to stop using "man-in-the-middle".
    The rest is me making a point using hyperbole, obviously.
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    Yea fuck that
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    I hate it when people drag racism, races and colors into everything. People just like to ruin everything.
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    It's literally called black hat, not black skin goddammit. Same applies to blacklist.

    And then there's Twitter which also blocks stuff like "sanity check". Probably they're tired of being (rightfully) called insane.
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    -- If this route of change is continued upon, we may not ever return.

    Darkness seems to be black...
    Because you can only find darkness in the absence of light (not the other way round).

    Black is called black because it only exist in the absence of all colours.

    And white is called white because it exists when you have a mixed combination of all colours.

    It's nature that black is dark and white is bright.

    We all know that darkness is scary (This is a basic human instinct) which makes it being used most of the time in negative contexts.

    Take for example when someone says that darkness is surrounded over a person, it practically means that he/she is not in a favourable state, darkness seems to be black... so it is a negative symbol. (Negative charge on circuit as black is no coincidence)

    I am black and happy to be black. The naming convention and usage of these words has never been related to race up until now.

    The replacement of these words is what makes racism!

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    Those SJW are going to ban all the words
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    A person who does not stand by their morals with their name has no morals to defend.

    It's called integrity, and it sounds like he has none.
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    @sariel "Inte... What? Are you trying to confuse us with mathematics?!"
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    Don't give them ideas or they will ban night and day next!
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    Oh for fucks fucking sake
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    maybe they will rename to “black cat” cause hat is offensive
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    If people and companies are rewriting the term black/slave/master, then what’s going to be the next terms that replace them and how long before that becomes racist.
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    Any kind of talk relating to banning stuff citing petty reasons should be banned.
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    @skoobi I can definitely see "blocklist" replacing "blacklist" as it's almost exactly the same word and it's easy to get it's supposed to mean the same thing. But other than that I don't think many changes will really catch on. Maybe we'll see less master/slave stuff and more primary/secondary, but it's just not as quick to write and say, so that goes against natural language evolution and probably won't be permanent.
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    Who keeps working with these people? Who keeps enabling these idiots? Words that are devoid of context are literally hurting feelings and is harmful to society now? Completely destroying nomenclature just to satisfy a tiny minority of mentally ill people. Wow! From the perspective of someone who grew up in a poverty ridden country where a huge percentage of the people are illiterate, Western people are fucking insane!
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    @deadlyRants Yeah but the almost part is very important here 😅 Especially in cyber security it doesn't always have the same meaning but at a more regular basis 😅
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    Why are we giving those topic even our valuable attention. It is such a non issue, but given our attention it just gains more traction. Please just ignore them in their little bubble and use which ever term you want to use.
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    Because if this continues like this it will soon be racist to be afraid of the dark
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    That black/white symbolism actually isn't a racist thing at all. It is based in christianity. There is the light (white) given by god (exactly one). And the darkness, wich he (yep, a male) defeated by creating the light on his first day.

    So of course, white is associated with "good" (light) and black (darkness) is associated with "bad" - if you are christian.
    If you are not, black and white could just be extreme shades of gray with no good-bad-association attached to them.

    But that said, i don't think, there are actually much "black hats" out there. Almost all of that black/grey/white hats are really just "green hats" ("green" like in "the color of a dollar note")...

    I propose "good list"/"bad list", and "criminal hacker"/"hacker" for "blacklist"/"whitelist" and "black hat"/all the other "hat"s.
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    If they keep banning words it's going to get seriously difficult to remember all of them even if you want to comply.

    btw this reminds me of this Muhammad Ali bit:
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    "criminal hacker / hacker" doesn't sound as cool as "black hat / white hat". Why make it bland and sanitized at all?

    Screw them, I'll keep talking however I want
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    @ArtOfBBQ "If they keep banning words it's going to get seriously difficult to remember all of them even if you want to comply."

    Or it turns into the classic "I have Aladeen news for you: you tested HIV Aladeen."
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    The whole term has nothing to do with races or whatever. Soon you’ll be unable to buy a black coffee because a vocal minority with peas for brains are offended. Can’t we just get along without being offended all the time? It is making me anxious.
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    @spocksocks lol

    So if I buy black coffee and add milk to it, is that whitewashing?
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    If there is something I can't accept at all, that makes me angry just to think about it, is when someone think a person is good/bad/better/worse/not capable/should not do it because <insert any retard detail here, as color, gender, country etc>.

    On the other side, words, symbols etc has the meaning we give to them, not the other way around. A symbol might mean death for a person and the willing of better days for other. So avoiding words is not only childish or to want the entire world to think like you, but it also shows that the word itself isn't a problem. The problem is on the person who thinks everything is agaisnt them.

    Just to add a small detail: while the "n word" cannot be said in the EUA, here, in Brazil, you must use it instead of "black", or you are the racist.

    So, once more, the problem isn't the words. Changing words doesn't fix the problems. Ee had bad public buses here, they painted them to improve, now we have bad buses with a beautiful painting.
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    I hate this too.. it is so absurd that i cannot even believe it actually happens.
    Well atleast i will have stories to tell for my grandson..
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    I agree with exactly what you say.
    Even some media houses are noting this, 'Black' is a racial term, but 'black' is a color. The colour of darkness is many times used in literature as symbolism of negative emotions. Extending that negative emotions to the people having darker skin tones - is Racism - which has to be ended.

    People of all kinds need be respected and valued. We can't just erase the use of that color and symbolism in other contexts. We need to understand the value of a human beyond their physical appearance.

    Why is it so tough for people to understand this smh.
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    Well it is racism with the color itself now ,
    There are many things like blackbox testing , blackhat seo, black background ....
    Looks like everything need to change for that... 😂
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    Let the snowflakes go please.
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