Does anybody know where to start when implementing your own language as a plugin in Visual studio.
Sure, I could modify a plugin for another language, but I'd like to learn it, and Google just spits out garbage.

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    Depends on how far you want to go.

    Syntax highlighting is pretty straightforward, plugging into the suggestion system will require you to write a language service that produces precompilation errors and hook into the file watcher system.

    At that point you've done a ton of work and only succeeded in making Microsoft look better, and your product only ships to windows.

    I'd recommend targeting the jetbrains ecosystem instead, visual studio isn't worth the effort or money anymore.
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    Start by giving up. You know where to go from there.
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    @SortOfTested I'd like to highlight the language constructs and display errors and warnings.

    As to my choice of IDE, I have to use Visual Studio 2019 Pro because it is for a language I use at work for formatting old printable pages.
    We migrated most shit to List&Label but some of our customers use 32bit versions of the software from 2017 or earlier that still used that legacy system.
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    The syntax highlighting is just textmate, but even that will be a chore to add to a vsix package.

    Errors and warning, compiler output, your only short-term result will be adding an msbuild file to execute the compiler from cli.

    You're probably better off writing them as vscode plugins honestly, and sidecarring to it as an IDE for that lang.
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    @SortOfTested OK, sounds reasonable.
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    You made .... your own language.
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    @Ranchonyx Nope, my boss made it in the 90ies or 2000nds
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