800 line file.

Could be 300 lines but despite having version control, the devs didn't have the balls to remove any of the code. Just commented it out or appended _old to the function names.

"It's easier to undo than version control"

Sure, but how much time are you spending wading through the waist-high swamp of shitty, useless code?

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    I'm ok with a big chunk of commented out code.....provided it is a mostly contiguous block.

    Messy but I get it.

    Mass renaming functions.....not sure I like that at all.
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    I worked on figuring out some specific shit in some code. It took like 2 to 3 weeks. Then I find it doesn't work! So I gave up and commented that bitch out. But there is 3 weeks worth of pain in that code. Not willing to let go yet...
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    This hits too close to home.
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    Well i have seen some very big softwares written in java and other verbose languages, and my seniors would usually ask me to either create a temporary new file or adding my code at the bottom/start but not to remove working code because "something could happen".
    I agree that this is a stupid thought in the age of modern ides, which can trace all the usages pretty easily. But they are right in their own way i guess. Some code is super freakishly coupled to be removed.

    I have rather learned some jetbrains tricks to ignore such mess (select multiple lines, ctrl+ . )
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    Oh wait, are you talking css? Nuke that shit and write from scratch xD
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    Jesus, let the old code die. No one is ever going to touch it again. I used do to that when I started out, and I seen my colleagues do it.

    After I seen the same commented code in the codebase after 2 years, when the codebase has already moved far far ahead and none of it was useful for at least ... well 2 years tbh I finally understood that there's no point keeping commented code around... maybe for a few days if its still a 50/50 you might use it... but honestly these days I don't event let commented code through Code Review unless the programmer gives me a good reason.

    It's always easier and more up-to-date to rewrite and re-test the code when you need it than keeping it around "just in case". It just confuses others and makes the codebase harder to navigate.
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    @N00bPancakes I like commenting out functions which use old practice so that they would give me inspiration to solving a problem in the future, I have a really bad hoarding issue...
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