IBM job
12 plus experience in Kubernetes.

irony: Kubernetes is a 6 year old project.


actual listing:

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    @WildPotato the view to apply hit ratio is ~ 1%
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    Where did I read this recently?

    Why do people ALWAYS have to repeat old shit?
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    @SomeNone Yo answer your first question, on devRant.

    As for your second one, because people don't read/search first before posting or just want that sweet karma (upvotes)
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    would be nice if there was a feature along the lines of "hey XXX, seems someone else has posted about this shit before." so people could ignore it and still post duplicates.

    Also instead of reposting this shit over and over why not just send the fuckers some hate mail or shame them on your blog or facebook?
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    Qualification: architect-level knowledge of every technology in our stack
    Compensation: entry level
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    Dude I saw this on Facefart yesterday
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