Yeap this is what we dealing with

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    How many years of triple digit IQ experience do you have, lousy recruiter? Lol
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    @TeachMeCode they :"more than -1000"
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    I apologize to all the good recruiters who helped me out, but some of the dumbest people I’ve ever spoken to were recruiters. It sucks that they are hired to filter us out for not having “XML” on our resume lol even though they never built anything in their lives
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    @TeachMeCode XML ? Wait ... What?
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    Maybe they didn't check how old that framework was... or maybe they just mean "4+ years of dev experience and experience with FastAPI". Being punctual like that with offers might end up with you missing opportunities.
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    The fault is his alone cuz he grew complacent and didn't put in the required extra work to undertand that tool and catch up with competition

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    Wow ahaha
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    @johnmelodyme luckily that never happened to me, but I’m sure people were dropped for not having “xml programming” on their resume lol
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    I was involved with, and later the last person left on, a Meteor project from ~2016-2021. Do I have the skills for a "5 years exp of Meteor" position? Fuck no, but in the right circumstances I could probably actually learn.
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