TLDR: I don't feel the need to be working at top product companies anymore.
The craze to be a developer in top product companies has literally worn off for me in the past few months since I am working from home.
Like if I have to continue this WFH lifestyle it literally won't matter if I am working for a top product company or a startup...
The priority has shifted towards
1. A good team
2. A well-natured and polite manager
3. A flexible working culture which is better suited for remote work
4. And obviously a good salary🤑

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    Large companies are far more likely to pay a good salary to experienced, talented people. Also, large companies are more likely to get through covid.
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    yeah, my priorities are, and always were:

    1. interesting project
    2. and (/or at least) well paid.
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    @bahua the downside of working for a large company is the ocean of ancient legacy tech debt you need to deal with.

    Well, that and the bureaucracy. The amount of red tape I have to deal with trying to get a cloud server to talk to an on-prem server...

    Edit: that said, I think it's worth it for stability, decent hours, and good pay.
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    Yeah, I wasn't trying to sell it as a perfect setup. But as a married father of two, stability trumps almost everything else for me. And the pay is very good.
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    @molaram Umm...Does that mean people who run there own companies have no trouble at all?
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