Does anybody use ProtonMail or Tutanota here? What are your thoughts on it?

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    BS for noobs. there is no way to exchange email 100% encrypted/safe.
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    Tutanota > Protonmail
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    Tried Tutanota a bit but went to Mailbox for custom domain and IMAP/POP3 support.
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    @molaram Well, thanks for calling me (cyber security engineer) a noob, I guess! They don't claim 100% encrypted/safe and if they would, it'd be a false claim. If you have any technical details to backup your claim, let me know!

    @ScribeOfGod thanks for the mention :)

    I've been a premium Tutanota user for years now and I love it! They're very transparent and seem to have privacy as a first priority. If you'd like more details on Tutanota and my experience with them, let me know!

    While protonmail is a good service, it's not my first choice. This because they have done some stuff which a party being very serious about privacy just wouldn't do imo. Like, requiring a phone number and using Google's reCaptcha on the registration page for a while. So, I don't use it.
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    Another vote for TutaNota.

    My only complaints are a) it’s ugly, and b) doesn’t support the inbox+comment@domain.tld pattern.
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    Switched to proton about a year ago, my only problem is their security gets in the way of simplicity on iOS, but I recon small price to pay.

    Basically because Apple is a dictator tapping on mail links opens that horse shit they ship with the phone and owing to security proton has no smtp access so there is no way to send from proton.

    Other than that it’s great.
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    I use both, Tutanota for irl and super important things, and Protonmail for everything else.

    They work just fine, have dedicated apps.

    Id say Tutanota just because its free tier doesnt limit output.
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    Used ProtonMail for a bit. Really good security. Forgot my password and can’t get back in.
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    @Jilano A newbie question, was your preference to have custom mail domain had any specific reasons?
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    @Root Ugly is fine, atleast for me. As long its secure and I can have filters for organising, I am ok with it.
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    @linuxxx How about the Tutanota's account recovery options? I have heard that Proton has glitches in account recovery if you forget your password
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    @hari1994 Main reason being, I could change services again in the future without having to notify everyone that my email was changing. Besides, it looks a lot more professional.
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    @hari1994 I've never had to try it so I can't give valid feedback. But, you get a recovery key (the master key) and if you lose that.... You're done!
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    @linuxxx @Jilano So finally I have opened an Tutanota account. But one last feature I would like to have is importing mails from other mail services. Tutanato team has said the feature is in their planned timeline. Waiting fingers crossed
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    @hari1994 Awesome! One thing to keep in mind is that it can take a longer time sometimes with them for new feature releases because they don't like half-assed work 😄
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