only developer with linux. everyone else are on windows.

constantly finding myself in following conversation

me : "something is not working for me on the web page i am writing"
jim : "let me see just a.... WOW! WHAT IS THIS?"
jim:"well... " +sigh + "that's your problem right there! this works to everyone else. and they're on windows. why would you ever not use windows?"
me:"have you ever tried anythig else?"
jim:"never needed to. windows works just fine.."
me:"well... does your computer ever freeze?"
me:"that doesn't happen on ubuntu. at least it is quite rare"
jim:"nah... you're mistaken. windows rocks! anyway, you should probably talk to someone who knows ubuntu cause my chrome works just fine so it must be this ubuntu of yours.."

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    Do you also run iis servers in house? Use mapped network drives... Hot fixes on the fly in prod! :D
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    I don't understand how does this has anything to do with the operating systems. You're writing a web page and you have a problem, shouldn't you check the web page itself first?
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    @0xA718 indeed. but ppl are afraid of what they don't understad
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    @vinerz A lot of the older guys in the industry at this point didn't get a proper education but the industry was growing and in need, so they all got picked up and now have seniority.
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    I like how you concatted the sigh in your response
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    @dontbeevil i swear this is real. when i sit on someone else's computer here, it freezes often.
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    This happens too damn often
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    @dontbeevil "Since windows 7 i don't remeber what is a freeze"

    It's the usual story; only Linux users get BSODs on Windows. I guess they've got a laptop with Windows 98 or ME lying around, just so they have a freezable Windows to make their point. It's as pathetic as going on about "WiFi never works under Linux" (even though that was an issue in more recent times).
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    Phase two is to branch out of Ubuntu and learn/expand your knowledge, if you choose.

    I think you'll find that Ubuntu makes a lot of assumptions about you and leaves room on the table for an awesome custom setup, with more recent updates. Not to say there isn't power in numbers! Stack overflow is always Ubuntu it seems.

    My best advice: dual boot. Linux and Linux. I keep a backup distro ready (Arch/support distro is Mint) when I need to fix something in chroot or testing a bug to see if it's distro or kernel. Second best advice: you don't need more than two. It's tempting but stay away from the ring 😋

    I always laugh at myself when mint doesn't know what pacman or AUR is :p habits engraved in muscle memory I guess.
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    And if they have trouble with Ubuntu, what would happen if they tried Slackware?
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    Such a tiring stereotype. I know plenty of good devs on windows. It's 2016, no one f***ing cares. Just choose your tools that let you do your job in the way that works for you.
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    @Grumpy i was just illustrating the feel of the conversation... i appreciate windows very much. the point of the story was about the reaction people have for something different than they already know.
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    @guymograbi it's a losing battle and I know what you mean.

    I take the stance live and let live. If they want my help installing Linux or using it I'm happy to help. If not, then that's fine.

    It's like being bilingual. You can speak two languages! Even though you have your native, preferred one you speak the other when necessary.

    To lessen stress at work I've added it to my list of things not discussed! Politics, religion, and now, operating systems. 😋
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    @dontbeevil which website? DevRant? If you're on a certain OS? Not trying to be sarcastic, just need more info to reproduce/ see if I can help
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