Two VSCode windows open, with two "almost" identical files, but they get deployed to two very different contexts.

What could possibly go wrong?

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    Depends on what you mean by deploy and is it related to external service?
    I suggest to review your extensions thoroughly.
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    Two identical files meant to perform two different things? Are you editing docker files?
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    I've struggled with something similar for the past weeks. Always searching stuff from the wrong window.
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    @asgs I guess it’s kind of config / deployment files for pre prod and prod...
    Very similar but host names change a tiny bit, or ips. But the majority of configs is quite similar.

    Solution: use different color schemes: green background for preprod, red for prod. That works for vim at least!

    Or maybe a “portable” instance of VSC or directory based configs if that’s possible...
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    @asgs close. Ansible playbooks.
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