So in order to ask a stackoverflow question I prepared a minimal verifiable example.

Now the issue I am facing is that my minimal verifiable example WORKS.

How am I supposed to ask it now!? Why doesn't it work in my main project? What is going on?

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    Did you say global side effects?
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    That's why I don't ask on StackOverflow. I use man, or cplusplus as reference. Fuck StackOverflow, it's full of trolls with over-inflated egos.
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    Standard problem solving measures. Like adding stuff one by one.
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    @Bybit260 I have no qualms with stackoverflow. I ask and answer often there and it's a great resource to me.
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    @k0pernikus I see now... So they hate me.

    Everytime I ask they reply with; tHe QuEsTiOn StUpID LeTs DoWn VoTe ThE FuCk oUt Of tHiS gUy

    They see every question stupid because they already know that stuff.
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    Do a binary search for your problem. Add half the lines of code and log everything out. Rinse and repeat till you find it
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