Fuck ipmi. Seriously, such a crappy experience. And fuck supermicro for offering almost no tools to work with said ipmi.

I wish we could just replace our entire stock of motherboards for models with the newer versions of ipmi that at least offers a HTML5 remote console, the java version will kill me one day -_-"

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    It is not intuitive, and it definitely takes some reading, but changing fan settings on a thousand servers with a simple loop that takes 1.4 seconds to execute is a thing of beauty.

    And though I agree that the web interface is too elaborate, the console is HTML5, and works great from any desktop operating system. That's more than I can say for CIMC, ILO, vmware, or avocent.

    I just wish they all supported VNC like KVM/qemu.
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    Supermicro is usually garbage
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    Dell's idrac isn't any better in that regard.
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