Was very frustrated from work.

Started cooking.

Simple gnocchis with tomato / paprika sauce.

Might have been a little distracted...

I've grabbed a regular sized spoon instead of a tea spoon.

I've handmade ungarian puszta.

I've added a full spoon of it to the sauce.

It's very spicy and hot.

I'll guess my guts are in hell mode for the next days.

But it's delicious.

Remember kids: always eat up what you cooked.

Even if it seems to kill you by burning your insides out.

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    I'll be over in 20 with my eating pants. 👍
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    I'll be over there in a sec.
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    All I can say is: mmm, spice. More, please!
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    The extra spice (if hot) makes me pay for it later. Didn't used to bother me. Now it makes me die sometimes.
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    This sounds amazing, I'll bring dessert
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    And thx to anyone who would sacrifice himself to not waste food. :)
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    please just fucking kill me with this stuff
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    @Parzi I have carolina reaper if you want to die.

    That shit is really useless, except you want pain and no taste at all.
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    @IntrusionCM i'll take 19
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    @IntrusionCM That’s why I prefer ghost peppers: lots of flavor, lots of spice. 🥰

    The best peppers, though, are New Mexican green chile. Those are so delicious and addicting that they might as well be drugs.
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    @Root Sounds way better.

    I got the reaper as a present, tried to cook with it once, never again.

    It's this "hot because of hot", not because it's tasty thing. It just makes everything taste hot, you do not have any other flavor. Just "hot".

    Hate it.

    Usually I combine very hot peppers like ghost peppers with fat, which reduces the heat and brings out the flavors.

    Be it broth from eg a slow cooked chicken, that get's turned into a good crunchy breadcrumb coating or very fat greek yoghurt with some peppas in a raita style... It's always tasty and you have flavours instead of just hot.
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    Ah. Wrong word again.

    I didn't mean broth.

    I meant the fat that drips out when baking stuff on a very low heat (slow cooking)
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    @IntrusionCM Renderings 😊

    I cook with a lot of fat, be it butter, chicken fat, lard, or tallow. Absolutely delicious, and if it comes from pasture-raised animals it’s incredibly nutritious, too!

    You’re right about it bringing out the flavors.
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    @IntrusionCM Here, we call that scum.
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