any recommendations for a personal photography website? i need it to be open source, clean design, and easy to use. i'd like to have collections of photos. i was thinking jekyll, but if there's something more targeted for a photography website, i'd like your recommendations.

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    I'm going to recommended Hugo. While it's a generic static site generator like Jekyll, it's way faster and comes with an automatic image resizer/cropper/optimization
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    @owenw i don't mind slow build times too much, but hugo doesn't seem too great for photography websites, it only has two photography themes i've found and they don't look very nice imo. thank you though, it is still my best option at the moment.
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    @calmyourtities Maybe I'm too much of a front-end guy, but I kinda figured you'd be writing your own theme.
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    @owenw ha! i guess i could do that. i just figured there would be something available that's better than i could do.
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