Can't tell if imposter syndrome or I'm actually talentless....

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    Imposter syndrome, for sure
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    @M1sf3t most of us probably have or have had some degree of imposter syndrome at some point. Also, it's a thing that you can become aware of. However, suffering from the imposter's doesn't mean you're not a talentless piece of garbage. I'm personally pretty sure I am no matter how much I try to convince myself otherwise..
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    If you even lack the talent to tell these two options from each other, that narrows the choice down.
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    Imposter syndrome sucks, and it hits our industry harder than many others. Do you have a supportive and encouraging manager? I left one position that was too toxic because he constantly reminded me I wasn't good enough
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    Not sure that these two are interconnected purely.
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    @Fast-Nop talent != perception of talent
    Especially self-perception.
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