One of my team has been handed a turd of a laptop which because of corporate policies, has to be fixed rather than replaced. Started of with a noisy fan 2 months ago, led to a warning on the hd. Hd got replaced, but machine was then blue screening. Motherboard was replaced then they discovered it was software and then there was no sound. Today, another engineer appeared to fix the sound and found previous engineer hadn't connected the cable. Whilst doing that, they killed the hard drive....

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    Yeah that sounds a lot cheaper than just replace the machine.
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    Basic i5 laptop is about 300 quid
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    Penny wise pound foolish!
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    I maintain our companies IT infrastructure if it's out of warranty and needs more than a disk we buy a new one

    It's that simple!
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    Laptop is a year old. If it doesn't get fixed tomorrow, will prob head to pc world and buy a surface pro which is the only off the shelf pc that our corporate it have images for
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