Couple hours ago I've posted it to my LinkedIn page and now I regret it. DevRant is not a place for politics and racial desputes.. We're devs for fucks sake...

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    Sad what happened to Facebook morphing into Politicalbook. How difficult would it have been to provide a simple keyword filter to eliminate terms from newsfeed.
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    Right, fuck the world and what's going on around us. Politics is not concerned with technology is not concerned with how we live our lives, let alone with our future. What do developers know about that anyways? Why should we even care? Let's 🙈🙉🙊 and talk about cats. </i>
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    @socrates shit dude.. I could talk politics at work/home/friends and to really fucking care about it. But hey if I want to show off my political meme skills, I would do it on facebook. DevRant is something entirely different and shou
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