Im boutta reject a fortune500 offer, wyd?

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    Woaaaah a real bad ass over here lol
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    @Stuxnet no i just didnt expect to get hired and already accepted someone elses offer
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    Is it really a fortune to you? If not, it is just a timing miss
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    @yellow-dog oof my b. This struck me as one of those "BiG cOmPaNy BaD reeeee" posts where people act like every large company is Satan.

    It happens though, and that's most definitely a thing I'd have happen to me.
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    Rejecting fortune 500 as a way of life.
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    @SortOfTested I was at a super large company, and I hated it. Everything that mattered was pretending professionalism and keeping image. Lots of office politics at middle management, and even below from people trying to make it into MM.

    I'm now at a smaller company, pretty chaotic, but lots of freaks, and nobody blinks an eye even if you wear a metal shirt in the office. The chaos also prevents most office politics because we don't have time for that. ^^
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    @SortOfTested rejecting fortune500 (as a millionaire) (as an ex google engineer)
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    You definitely got the order of events right😘

    Can't grind without any game, can't play without the resume.
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    I may be biased as I have the same experience as @Fast-Nop. If you choose to reject their offer, there's really not much to lose aside from the good decoration on your CV. There's too much extra-curricular crap going on in these companies. Maybe not all of them are like that but the ones I've worked in are.
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