After I received my laser eye surgery, I knew it would become painful after the effect of anesthesia would decrease so I got painkillers in advance.

It was nimesulide.

Even in 2008 ISDB raised a concern about the liver damage and asked for it to be withdrawn worldwide, but I didn't knew it.

So the terrible pain started and I took the pill. Just. One. Pill.

This all started in like fifteen minutes. Eye pain won't go away, but it didn't mattered anymore as I felt really terrible. I never experienced that kind of feeling before and I don't even know how to describe it. It felt like a terrible sensation inside my stomach mixed with an urge to vomit. "This is probably what a liver failure feels like. This is it, I'm going do die here", I remember thinking about as I collapsed.

This whole incident led to an investigation about why the doctors "forgot" to give me proper eye anesthesia drops. This got several doctors fired.

This all got me really interested in how different medications work. I started casually reading popular medical literature and when my depression came, I was prepared, as much as you can even get prepared to a mental disorder.

The thing that probably nearly killed me helped me not to lose my sanity later.

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    Got a less serous, but more worrying problem around here. Paracetamol is given as pain medication for everything as it has a slightly reduced effect on your stomach walls, not really lessening the need for proton pump inhibitors in the long run. But in contrast to Ibuprofen the Paracetamol is decomposed into a liver toxin. That's not really a problem if you know it, but no doctor tells you that, even when longterm administration was planned. Worst of all, in combination with alcohol the production of these toxins increase exponentially. That would not be too dangerous if people here wouldn't eat them up like candy. Ingesting up to 5g(!) a day and still going partying afterwards and using it to cure theire hangovers.
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    @p100sch we still have dirt cheap Analgin here in Russia. You take like five to seven pills of this at once (a very possible scenarios for women when they have periods) and you’re dead
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    @p100sch the awareness about medications is still very low around the world. I mean pharmacies still sell oscillococcinum
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    One pill isnt going to do much to your liver... Only prolounged exposure is the problem.
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